Online Sharing Interface

Online Sharing Interface

The sharing of good practice is essential to provide quality education to all children. As the pupils evolve quickly they need a dynamic and evolving pedagogical approach that will be adjusted to their profile. Teachers therefore need to continuously develop new ideas and tools to stimulate their pupils and keep them engaged in their learning process.

The aim of the Online sharing platform is to:

  • share the pedagogical tools developed by TIPA to other NGOs, teachers, social workers and parents
  • give the opportunity to teachers and educators to share their own ideas and strategies
  • share information and resources concerning child development and education (articles, pedagogical tools, activities, videos and experiences)

TIPA team, together with collaborators, is currently developing this page and hopes to publish resources soon.

You are a teacher, an NGO educator, a parent, an artist, a volunteer, and you wish to contribute to TIPA’s online sharing platform?

Send us your views on the following 3 questions

  1. What kind of information would you like to find on this platform?
  2. What would you use these information for?
  3. What type of resource do you have and wish to share?

This Online sharing platform will soon be YOUR tool, to be used and fed.