TIPA is registered by the Registrar of Association since 2008 and accredited by the National CSR Foundation (NCSRF/2017/0134).

An important part of our action is continuous monitoring, evaluation and reflection on the results of our work and on the tools and methods used to achieve them. This process enables us to ensure that our program is being carried out as planned and to make adjustments where and when necessary. It also enables us to learn from mistakes, focus on actions that have brought positive outcomes and continue improving our program with the goal of having an even greater impact on the central actors.

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Reports for the year 2023

Reports for the year 2022

Reports for the year 2021

Status Report 2021

Reports for the year 2020


Annual Report 2020

Reports for the year 2019

Annual Report 2019

Status Report 2 2019

Status Report 1 2019

Reports for the year 2018

Annual Report 2018

Creativity Classes
Report 2018

School Events
Report 2018

Team Building Report 2018

School Locality Visit Report 2018

Children in Difficulties Report 2018

Parents Club Report 2018

Community Workshop Report 2018

Advocacy & Awareness Report 2018

Facilit’Art Training Report 2018

ZEP Workshops Report 2018

MIE Training Report 2018

Online Sharing Platform Report 2018

Status Report 2 2018

Status Report 1 2018

Reports for the year 2017

Annual Report 2017

Creativity Classes
Report 2017

School Events
Report 2017

Team Building Report 2017

School Locality Visit Report 2017

Children in Difficulties Report 2017

Parents Club Report 2017

Community Workshop Report 2017

Advocacy & Awareness Report 2017

Facilit’Art Training Report 2017

ZEP Workshops Report 2017

MIE Training Report 2017

Online Sharing Platform Report 2017

Status Report 2 2017

Status Report 1 2017

Reports for the year 2016

Annual Report 2016

Status Report 2 2016

Status Report 1 2016

Archived Reports

Program Report
Summary 2013 – 2015

Status Report 2 2015

Status Report 1 2015

Annual Report 2014

Status Report 2 2014

Status Report 1 2014

Annual Report 2013