About Tipa

Terrain for Interactive Pedagogy through Arts (TIPA) is is a Mauritian non-governmental and non-profit organisation that has been intervening in ZEP schools since 2007 to support the teaching of the Arts and the development of citizenship values.
TIPA’s mission is to empower vulnerable children to become active citizens in the Mauritian society by favouring their development through the promotion of interactive pedagogy and education to Art and Culture.

Since 2007, TIPA has been working in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, teachers and school staff in ZEP primary schools (priority area schools) to develop innovative teaching strategies. A more holistic educational approach will “ensure learning opportunities accessible to all, provide learners with values and skills to further their personal growth, enhance their critical and exploratory thinking, encourage them to innovate and to adapt to changes in an increasingly globalised environment” (MOEHR, 2009).

Our Vision

A dynamic society where citizens are engaged, the contribution
of each one is valorised and their differences are recognised.

Our History

TIPA has come a long way caring for the Mauritian children.
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Our Partners & Sponsors

TIPA’s work is only possible thanks to all those who have contributed financially towards the project. Please continue to support us.
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The Team

The team is full of enthusiasm, passionate and creative. The seven full time employees of TIPA are professionals in their respective fields and have a great ability to step back on their work to adapt to the different challenges on the field. With empathy and caring, the team has build a trustful relationship with children and parents. This commitment and professionalism invite educators and partners to collaborate for the development of vulnerable children.

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Camille SENEQUE, NGO Manager

Camille Sénèque is in charge of the overall supervision and management of the TIPA team and the organisation. She ensures the programme development, implementation, monitoring and reporting and is also responsible for the training TIPA provide to the educators.

Contact: camille@tipa.mu

Nathalie PHILOGENE, Programme Coordinator

Nathalie manages and supervises all the field activities. She is responsible for the management of TIPA human resources, pedagogical quality and properness of TIPA’s actions.

Contact: nathalie@tipa.mu

Christelle GOPAUL, Community Outreach Coordinator

Christelle coordinates the awareness activities for children’s rights events and ensures the parents’ Club. She is also responsible of the implementation of the child protection protocol and ensures the networking with other NGOs.

Contact: christelle@tipa.mu

Elodie RICHIERO, Administration and Finance Coordinator

Elodie oversees the planning, development, implementation and maintenance of TIPA administrative and financial activities. She also identify potential risks and ensure control mechanisms are in place to mitigate their potential effects.

Contact: admin@tipa.mu

Michael RABOT, Fundraising and Communication Coordinator

Michael is responsible for the fundraising activities in order to raise funds for the NGO, and to define, oversee and implement the organization’s communications strategy and action plan. He, also, nurtures relationships with members of the press, financial and other partners.

Contact: michael@tipa.mu

Jacques-Henri DICK, Senior Artistic and Pedagogical Facilitator

Jacques-Henri is specialized in art and wood sculpture; he ensures art workshops with vulnerable children, provides support on workshops with parents, and develops pedagogical tools.

Contact: artfacilitator1@gmail.com

Elarie Pitois, Terrain Coordinator

Elarie is responsible for the practice guidance of art facilitators, ensuring efficient collaboration with school Head Masters and teachers as well as providing follow-up and reporting on field activities. She also coordinates the elaboration of pedagogical tools.

Contact: elarie@tipa.mu

The Board Members

The board members are involved at stirring and participating in TIPA’s actions:

President: Carolyn Desvaux de Marigny

Vice President: Valérie Duval
Secretary: Candice Couacaud
Assistant Secretary: Doris Dardanne
Treasurer: Bruneau Woomed
Assistant Treasurer: Maureen Jatteesing

Board member: Zia Gopee