About Tipa

Terrain for Interactive Pedagogy through Arts (TIPA) is is a Mauritian non-governmental and non-profit organisation that has been intervening in ZEP schools since 2007 to support the teaching of the Arts and the development of citizenship values.
TIPA’s mission is to empower vulnerable children to become active citizens in the Mauritian society by favouring their development through the promotion of interactive pedagogy and education to Art and Culture.

Since 2007, TIPA has been working in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, teachers and school staff in ZEP primary schools (priority area schools) to develop innovative teaching strategies. A more holistic educational approach will “ensure learning opportunities accessible to all, provide learners with values and skills to further their personal growth, enhance their critical and exploratory thinking, encourage them to innovate and to adapt to changes in an increasingly globalised environment” (MOEHR, 2009).

Our Values

Engagement : Showing our beneficiaries, stakeholders and staff our true interest in their welfare and commitment to the development of our Mauritian identity and culture over the course of our intervention.

Evolution : Continually adjusting to the constant needs and changes of the field by investing time and resources in the progress of the action, developing new tools and diversifying means of intervention, while keeping art, interactive pedagogy and life skills at the heart of TIPA’s action.

Dynamism : Embracing new challenges every day and engaging in constant research/action dynamics to stay informed and up-to date with the latest developments in our field of intervention.

Openness : Giving the opportunity to beneficiaries, staff members, sponsors, partners and supporters to express their opinions, and participate in the development of the association and its action, while always staying in line with its vision and mission. Maintaining an environment where respect and tolerance prevail and are encouraged.

Creativity : Promoting innovation day after day in our action and encouraging the development of critical thinking and problem solving skills in our beneficiaries and staff members so that they can produce original ideas that have value.

Cooperation : Working together with all stakeholders to optimize the impact of the action on our beneficiaries, and networking with other NGOs and government entities to help ensure the welfare of vulnerable children on all levels.

Empowerment : Putting the child at the centre of his learning through the use of interactive pedagogy methods. Giving the staff the opportunity to lead and share their skills and knowledge with the aim of encouraging communicative exchanges; and giving the means to local community members to lead their process of development.

Sustainability : Empowering children and local communities to be at the centre of their developmental process by including them in the design of our activities and programme, as well as through the transmission of our knowledge and skills.

Our Vision

A dynamic society where citizens are engaged, the contribution
of each one is valorised and their differences are recognised.

Our Mission

Empower Mauritian children to become active citizens by favouring their development through the promotion of interactive pedagogy and education to art and culture.

Our History

TIPA has come a long way caring for the Mauritian children.
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Our Partners & Sponsors

TIPA’s work is only possible thanks to all those who have contributed financially towards the project. Please continue to support us.
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Meet The Team

The team is full of enthusiasm, passionate and creative. The nine full time employees of TIPA are professionals in their respective fields and have a great ability to step back on their work to adapt to the different challenges on the field. With empathy and caring, the team has build a trustful relationship with children, teachers and parents. This commitment and professionalism invite educators and partners to collaborate for the development of vulnerable children.

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Camille SENEQUE, NGO Manager

Camille, who holds a Bachelor’s degree in History of Arts, enriches our collective with a blend of creativity and forward thinking. As our dedicated manager, she effortlessly navigates the spheres of collaboration, skillfully engaging with esteemed State partners and the Managing Committee, intricately forging connections as fine-tuned as masterful brushstrokes. A true curator of progress, Camille meticulously brings training projects to fruition, with each effort harmonizing flawlessly with the expansive fabric of TIPA’s overarching vision. Furthermore, she adeptly transforms ideas into exquisite exhibitions of success, painting the future with brilliance and innovation, leaving an indelible mark of accomplishment.

Contact: camille@tipa.mu

Nathalie PHILOGENE, Training Collaborator

With a blend of precision and artistic finesse, Nathalie stands as a guiding force within TIPA’s dynamic team. Her adept orchestration of resources ensures harmony among our members, elevating each aspect of our collaborative pursuits. Nathalie’s discerning eye for pedagogical excellence has the transformative power to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, infusing a crescendo of quality into every facet of our endeavors. Rooted in her profound passion for art, she initially nurtured young minds as an art educator, but her vibrant spirit and unwavering dedication soon led her to catalyze social change within the Chebel and Barkly neighborhoods. As her journey unfolded within our organization, Nathalie integrated her coaching acumen, sculpting it into a celebrated cornerstone of TIPA’s culture.

Contact: nathalie@tipa.mu

Christelle GOPAUL, Programme Coordinator

Christelle is a dedicated proponent of Children’s Rights, channeling her passion into the curation of compelling awareness initiatives that leave an indelible mark on the lives of young beneficiaries, fostering enduring societal change. Her ventures are underscored by a robust sense of autonomy and unwavering zeal, attributes that resonate throughout each project she undertakes. Informed by formative experiences, Christelle possesses a nuanced understanding of holistic child development, which greatly enriches her artistic pursuits. Boasting a foundational education in Fine Arts from MGI and a Diploma in Textile and Fashion Design, she embodies a multifaceted artist whose journey is characterized by the harmonious fusion of creativity and compassion. Notably, her commitment to personal growth is exemplified by her adeptness in the Gordon method through Parent Effectiveness Training. Beyond her artistic acumen, Christelle adeptly forges connections, cultivating collaborations with the Parent’s Club and fellow NGOs.

Contact: christelle@tipa.mu

Elodie RICHIERO, Training Coordinator

Elodie adeptly coordinates the harmonious cadence of TIPA’s administrative and financial realms, deftly merging strategic planning, progressive development, and precise execution. In her role, she conducts a symphony of accomplishment, ensuring each financial transaction is a meticulously tuned note. With a corporate foundation and a nuanced journey through the global trade landscape, Elodie’s expertise gleams brilliantly. Beyond her professional trajectory lies a heart adorned with a Bachelor’s degree with Honors in Social Work, reflecting her multi-faceted depth. Yet, it is her unwavering commitment to social and emotional learning that truly fuels her passion and sets her apart.

Contact: elodie@tipa.mu

Michael RABOT, Fundraising and Communication Coordinator

With a magician’s touch, Michael masterminds our fundraising endeavors, while his strategic brilliance lights the path for our communication ventures, captivating press and partners alike. With a Master’s degree with Honors in International Marketing and roots in engineering and telecommunication, he brings a unique blend of expertise to our team. As a go-getter, he is committed to continuous learning, embracing innovative approaches, and collaborating with diverse stakeholders to drive sustainable change and create a more resilient future.

Contact: michael@tipa.mu

Jacques-Henri DICK, Terrain Coordinator

With hands that breathe life into wood, Jacques-Henri ensures art workshops with vulnerable children and his nurturing touch extends to parents as he lends support in these creative sessions, while his pedagogical prowess shapes tools that empower generations to come. A renowned sculptor in Mauritius and abroad, he won the Audience Award at the International Symposium of Sculpture in Morges, Switzerland. He then obtained a scholarship to perfect his technique. Jacques-Henri is a versatile artist. And when he paints, he likes to express his joie de vivre, using a lot of colors. The artist does not stop at sculpture and drawing. No. He also dances, sings and loves photography.

Contact: jacques-henri@tipa.mu

Karen FORTUNO, Artistic and Pedagogical Facilitator

Demonstrating a profound mastery of art and sculpture, Karen meticulously designs art workshops tailored to the needs of vulnerable children, infusing their lives with vibrant hues of hope. Her adeptness lies in harmonizing collaboration, engaging with educators and artists while skillfully conducting workshops. Equipped with a distinguished Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Visual Arts, with a specialized focus on Sculpture, Karen remains steadfast in her mission to elevate Mauritius’ educational and cultural panorama. Her unwavering passion reverberates through her artistic endeavors, offering a commitment to shaping not only tangible art but also the educational journeys of generations to come.

Contact: karen@tipa.mu

Loana MOMUS, Artistic and Pedagogical Facilitator

Through art workshops, Loana delicately imparts a sense of wonder to the lives of vulnerable children, using her palette of passion and brush of empathy. In her role as a guiding presence, she excels at fostering collaboration among educators and artists, integrating their efforts into a cohesive whole. Her creative prowess is evident in the ingenious pedagogical tools she crafts, each thoughtfully contributing to the trajectory of children’s growth. Through her meticulous coordination and adept communication with the Terrain Coordinator and invested parties, Loana’s dedication resonates in every stroke, cultivating a narrative of progress that underscores the transformative impact of her work.

Contact: loana@tipa.mu

Elarie Pitois Sournois, Terrain Coordinator

Elarie is the orchestrator of synergy between TIPA’s Artistic and Pedagogical Facilitators. With a background in Early Childhood Education and Care, she infuses her creativity into forging powerful alliances with school Head Masters and educators, transforming ordinary interactions into finely tuned displays of efficacy. Elarie’s artistic touch radiates beyond collaboration, embracing event coordination and infusing vivid colors into both school functions and TIPA’s events. A masterful storyteller, she crafts impactful narratives through her careful follow-ups and detailed field activity reports, ensuring that every ounce of effort contributes an indelible stroke to the canvas of our mission.

Contact: elarie@tipa.mu

The Board Members

The board members are involved at stirring and participating in TIPA’s actions:

President: Carolyn Desvaux de Marigny

Vice President: Valérie Duval
Secretary: Candice Couacaud
Assistant Secretary: Doris Dardanne
Treasurer: Bruneau Woomed
Assistant Treasurer: Maureen Jatteesing

Board member: Zia Gopee